How to Get Rid of Tires for Free

by Alicia Bodine
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When you replace the tires on your car, you will be responsible for getting rid of the old tires. Since tires contain some toxic substances, each state has regulations about how they can be disposed of. Some companies will get rid of the tires for you, but they charge a fee. If you are aware of a few tips and tricks, you can get rid of those unwanted tires for free.

Step 1

Call your local waste disposal facility or your local recycling center to inquire about amnesty days. According to the EPA, most counties set aside several amnesty days each year where residents are permitted to drop off tires without incurring any fees.

Step 2

Call your local school district to see if they need any tires for their playgrounds. Old tires make great free tire swings and mini sandboxes. You may even want to use the tires in your own yard for this purpose.

Step 3

Join a FreeCycle network in your hometown (see Resources). Post an offer for the tires. Make sure you list some ways other members could use the tires, such as for planters, swings, or sandboxes. Not only will you be giving away the tires for free, but you can make arrangements for the individual to pick the tires up so you don't have to deliver them.

Step 4

Mulch the tires and give the mulch away for free to neighbors or local nurseries for use in their gardens.

Step 5

Call local farm owners and ask them if they need any tires to use as livestock feeders. Offer to drop them off as a thank you for taking the tires off your hands.

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