How to Reverse the Image on a Backup Camera

by Patrick Nelson
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After installing a backup camera on your vehicle, you need to reverse the image so that the image on the screen matches that of your rear-view mirror. The orientation must match so that the driver doesn't get confused with two conflicting images. The nature of the camera's technology is that its image will be recorded un-reflected, but the mirror will display a reflected image. Fortunately, the engineers who designed back-up cameras thought of this and created simple controls for you to change the orientation.

Step 1

Turn the monitor on with the "On/Off" button.

Step 2

Take a look at the image and determine if it matches the rear-view mirror, if it does, there is no further action for you to take.

Step 3

Press the "Orientation" button to toggle through the orientation options. The button may be labeled slightly differently depending on your manufacturer. Choose Normal, Mirror, Normal Upside Down and Mirror Upside Down. Again, the nomenclature may be slightly different on your monitor, but the concepts will be the same. Normal will display the un-changed camera back-up image; Mirror will display the mirror image and should match your rear-view mirror. The two Upside Down settings come into play because the camera can be mounted in many different positions, for example, upside down to take advantage of a convenient existing wiring hole.

Step 4

Press the button until you get the result you want.

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