How to Reset the Service Light in a Smart Car

by Wanda Thibodeaux
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Smart cars are manufactured primarily in France and Germany. The cars are different than other vehicles previously produced in that they are smaller even than compact vehicles and therefore require less fuel. The cars can travel on the freeway but are designed for city use where parking is limited and driving distance is smaller. These cars offer ecological and financial advantages, but have a maintenance issue that tends to leave owners frustrated -- you must reset the service indicator light on the dashboard.

Step 1

Turn on the ignition so you have power only -- do not start the Smart car.

Step 2

Select the maintenance indicator so it displays on the dashboard screen. You should see a wrench come up, as well as an indicator of your kilometerage/mileage remaining until the next service. You must do this within the first four seconds.

Step 3

Turn off your ignition within 10 seconds. Your maintenance indicator should remain in your display.

Step 4

Push and hold down the service button (the button on the left of the cluster) and turn on the ignition power. Leave the service button depressed.

Step 5

Hold the service button depressed for another 10 seconds. The oil change display should reset. Your Smart car should display the distance remaining until the next maintenance after this.

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