How to reset your oil change light on a Lexus IS250 or IS350

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I have found that most if not all oil change places (Jiffy Lube, Tire Kingdom, Wal-Mart, etc.) other than a Lexus dealership have no idea how to reset your red oil change light. You might now it; it's a red triangle with an exclamation point that stays lit until reset. Here are 3 easy steps to remove your oil service light from your Lexus IS250/350 and reset itself for the next scheduled maintenance.

Step 1

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These easy steps will help you reset your Lexus IS250 or IS350 oil change service light.

Step 2

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With the car turned OFF, locate and hold down the odometer reset stick on the instrument panel. SEE PICTURE FOR LOCATION

On to the next step....

Step 3

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WITHOUT your foot on the brake, press the engine start button twice while holding down the odometer reset. Now....

Step 4

Your odometer reading will show some dashes that begin to go away one at a time. When the go away you are finished and your next scheduled maintenance has been reset in your IS computer and will alert you again at that time. Hope this helps!

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