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How to Reset Perform Maintenance on a Jeep Liberty

by Skip Shelton

Many Jeep Liberty models are equipped with a "Perform Maintenance" service light. This service light is turned on when the vehicle's ECU determines that the oil needs to be changed. At the specified oil change interval, your Jeep Liberty should also have other maintenance performed, such as changing the oil filter, replacing the air filter, replacing spark plugs, checking and replacing other fluids, and belt replacement. Specific maintenance required depends on the mileage of the vehicle as well as driving conditions. Check your owners manual for specific details.

Step 1

Turn on the engine.

Step 2

On the vehicle's dash, press the "Step" button until "Miles to Service" is displayed.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Reset" button, near the "Step" button, until the "Miles to Service" flashes and resets.

Verify the "Perform Service" light goes away.


  • If the vehicle's "Step" or "Reset" buttons are not functioning, you can reset the perform service light by removing the battery cable and then pressing the horn to remove all electricity stored in the vehicle's capacitors. This will reset the entire ECU, however, and is not recommended for general purposes.

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