How to Reset an Armada Sunroof

by David Clair

Some Nissan Armada models are equipped with sunroofs that can be positioned up or down and opened to various degrees. The controls for the sunroof in the Armada will become inoperable after the battery terminal is disconnected, or if the electrical supply is otherwise interrupted. To restore the functionality of the sunroof controls, they must first be reset. After the sunroof is reset, the controls will function as they previously did.

Close the driver's door and passenger's door.

Turn the ignition switch on without starting the engine.

Push the tilting switch down to fully close the lid if it is completely or partially open.

Press and hold the tilting switch toward the down position for more than two seconds to finalize the reset and restore functionality to the controls.


  • check If the reset process does not work, turn the ignition switch off and back on before trying the steps again.


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