How to Reset a 350Z Driver Seat Motor

by Harvey Birdman

The 350Z is a great import sports car from Nissan, it has been called the Japanese Mustang because of its power and affordability. Some models of the 350Z come with power seats that adjust via an electric motor. However the motor can sometimes get stuck in a angle and need to be reset. This can be done by disconnecting the 350Z seat motor from the car's electronics and then restarting the car. The car will not "see" the motor and then reset the settings.

Step 1

Turn the 350Z off and pull the key out of the ignistion. Open the driver side door and fold the seat forward so that you can gain access to the underside of the seat. It may be easier to pop the trunk and go in from the rear if you are a taller person.

Step 2

Look under the seat and locate the wires coming up from the floor to the bottom of the seat. These are the power wires for the electric motor in the seat. Disconnect the power wire from the bottom of the seat by pressing the two tabs on each side simultaneously and pulling downwards. Flip the seat forward and get in the driver's seat.

Step 3

Turn the Nissan to the "On" position, but do not crank the motor. You want the electronics to come on and not detect the seat motor and reset the seat memory. Wait 20 seconds and then turn the 350Z off again.

Step 4

Flip the seat forward and put the power wire back into the port on the bottom of the seat. Make sure it is seated firmly and flush with the port. Flip the seat back again and turn the 350Z on. Reach down and operate the power seat controls on the side of the seat. The seat is reset and will accept new commands now.

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