How to Remove a Chevy Van Bench Seat

by Gregory Crews

The days of the van enthusiast are here again. The Chevy van has always been popular among van fans and many of them will remove the seats and build shrines or re-design the interior to accommodate full sleeping sections. The first thing usually to go is the back bench seat. Enthusiasts are not the only people who will remove the seats out of the van. Contractors buy used conversion vans for the comfort and space. The high ceilings in conversion vans are ideal for hauling tools and necessary equipment for the job at hand, once the bench seat is removed. Here's how you can remove that seat yourself.

Step 1

Locate the four bolts under the seat. They will be at the four corners of the seat, attaching it to the floorboard.

Step 2

Unscrew the bolt with a 3/4-inch ratchet. You may need someone hold the nut from under the vehicle.

Step 3

Remove the remaining three bolts. This will work the seat loose from the van.

Step 4

Check for wiring that will lead to the bottom of the seat. This usually occurs in bench seats that are equipped with a motor for converting the seat to a bed. The wiring will unsnap from the harness.

Step 5

Remove the seat from the back door of the van. The seat will lift easier out of the rear.

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