How to Charge the Battery on a Honda Vtx1300

by Robert Good

The Honda VTX 1300 is a full-sized custom cruiser-style motorcycle. The battery is located under the seat inside a plastic compartment. Two outputs on top of the battery are connected to a battery charger you can purchase at an auto parts store or from a Honda motorcycle dealership. You'll need three hours to fully charge the battery.

Step 1

Remove the bolt at the rear of the seat using the ratchet set. Remove the bolts from the side of the seat as well.

Step 2

Pull the seat off the frame of the bike and set it aside. Pull the cover off the battery housing and set it aside.

Step 3

Turn the battery charger on. Connect the positive charger cable to the positive battery output. Connect the negative charger cable to the negative battery output.

Step 4

Allow the battery to charge for three hours. Remove the cables from the battery, replace the cover to the housing and replace the seat.

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