How to Find Replacement Parts for My Sears X Cargo Carrier

by Stephania M
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Sear's manufactures and distributes the X-Cargo Sport 20 Car Top Carrier. The carrier fits most trucks and sport utility vehicles, and the suggested carrier capacity is 100 pounds. For vehicles using this carrier, the roof rack system must have a load-bearing capacity of at least 150 pounds. The X-Cargo Sport 20 Car Top Carrier comes completely assembled. In the event that a carrier owner needs to replace a part, a few options are available.

Step 1

Locate the model number for your cargo carrier. You should be able to find this number on the front of your owner's manual.

Step 2

Go to the Sears Parts Direct page. At the top of the page, enter your model number in the query box next to "Find it Fast". Choose "Model Search" from the "In" drop down menu. Press "Go".

Step 3

Click on "Shop Parts" to view the list of parts associated with the model number for your carrier. The results will display the price and stock status, in or out of stock, for all parts.

Step 4

You can also look in the back of your owner's manual for a list of replacement parts and ordering instructions.

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