How to Identify the Year of a 220 Bayou

by Andi Collins
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It is often hard to determine the year of an ATV such as the Kawasaki 220 Bayou just by looking at it. This information is very important when buying or selling one to determine the value of it. This information is vital to knowing what parts are acceptable when there is a problem with the ATV.

Step 1

Locate the 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) on the left side of the frame right in front of the foot peg.

Step 2

Navigate to the Kawasaki website and click on "owner info". Select the "parts diagram" option. Input the VIN number under "Vehicle Information" and click "continue". The year information along with all the specifications and parts you may need will now be displayed.

Step 3

If you are unable to locate the VIN number or you are unable to find this information online, call Kawasaki at 1-800-661-RIDE. If this information is time sensitive, call Kawasaki Consumer Services at 949-460-5688.

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