How to Replace the Window Motor in a PT Cruiser

by Mark Robinson
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PT Cruisers equipped with power windows rely on the window motor to move the glass up and down. These motors are designed to last for years, but eventually they will need to be replaced. In order to replace the window motor, the door panel of the PT Cruiser must be disassembled. Performing this task may take two to three hours to complete, due to the complexity involved.

Removing the Door Panel and Window Motor

Step 1

Open the door and lower the window as far down as possible. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws along the interior door trim edge.

Step 2

Remove the two screws near the door handle with a T-30 Torx socket. Remove the two metal retaining clips holding the mirror trim panel in place.

Step 3

Use a slotted screwdriver to release the plastic screw clips along the outside of the door trim. Lift the panel, from the bottom up, to unseat it from the door window track. Disconnect the door release pin and power mirror wire. Move the door panel out of the way.

Step 4

Remove the plastic water dam from the door and the weatherstripping from the window sill on the top of the door. Use a combination wrench to carefully remove the bolts holding the glass to the regulator.

Pull the glass away from the regulator. Lift the window out through the top of the door. Unplug the wire connector attached to the window motor. Remove the bolts holding the window regulator to the door frame and pull the regulator out. Place the regulator on a bench and remove the screws holding the motor to the regulator.

Reinstalling the Window Motor and Door Panel

Step 1

Attach the new window motor to the regulator and place the unit inside the door. Reinsert the retaining bolts to the regulator and tighten them with the ratchet and socket. Reconnect the wire connector to the window motor.

Step 2

Lower the window through the top of the door and onto the window regulator channel. Attach the glass to the regulator with the bolts and carefully tighten them with a combination wrench.

Step 3

Replace the water dam on the door and reapply the weatherstripping across the window sill at the top of the door. Reconnect the door release pin and power mirror wire. Set the door panel back onto the door and snap the plastic screw clips back into place.

Snap the mirror trim panel back into place and reinsert the two T-30 Torx screws into the area near the door handle Replace the screws along the interior door trim edge and tighten them with the Phillips screwdriver.

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