How to Replace a Toyota Truck Bed

by Russell Wood

When a car gets rear-ended, sometimes the damage is so extensive that it's cost-prohibitive to fix. If a truck gets rear-ended, though, it's often enough to just buy a new bed. Finding a bed is easy, as many junkyards have parts. Replacing a Toyota truck bed isn't difficult, and should take 30 minutes with the help of a friend.

Open the tailgate on the damaged bed and remove the taillights using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Unclip the light sockets from the taillights and push the wiring inside of the tailgate pocket and down onto the ground.

Unclip the harness that connects to the license plate lights. If there are any zip ties or clips securing the taillight harness to the bottom of the bed, undo them now so that there is nothing holding it to the bed.

Open the gas door and unscrew the gas filler neck from the bed using a Phillips head screwdriver. Push the gas filler neck in towards the bed. This way, when you're lifting off the bed the gas filler neck won't catch on the body.

Unbolt the bed from the frame using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket set.

With the help of your assistant, lift the bed off the chassis and place it to the side.

Install the replacement bed in the reverse order of disassembly.

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