How to Remove a Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover

by Russell Wood

Roll-N-Lock manufacturers truck bed covers (referred to as tonneau covers) that slide into a container in the back of the bed for easy opening and closing. These are convenient to have, because you can protect the cargo in the back of your truck. If you ever need to carry a very large load that doesn't fit with the tonneau cover installed, then you'll need to temporarily remove it. This should take about 30 minutes to do.

Step 1

Open up the tonneau cover and slide it into the box at the forward section of the bed. Unscrew the cargo shield from the front of the bed with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Pull the drain tubes out of the factory grommets with your hands.

Step 2

Open the tailgate. Remove the tailgate extrusion from the top of the tailgate with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the cargo nuts on the backside of the tracks on the sides of the bed with your hands and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Take the rails off of the sides of the bed.

Step 3

Position your assistant on one side of the truck by the cab. Lift the housing assembly at the forward section of the cab out of the bed with both hands.

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