How to Remove a Pickup Truck Bed

by Jenny Carver

A pickup truck is generally used for towing and hauling loads. This means that many dents, dings and scratches can occur on the outside and inside of the bed area. The truck bed is often damaged in almost any type of wreck. Also, the bed is made of thin metal with little support, so it can be totally ruined from even a minor accident. The only way to repair the bed correctly is to totally remove it from the truck. Learn how to remove a pickup truck bed to repair or replace it after it sustains damage.

Step 1

Place two large saw horses near the truck bed. A truck bed is heavy and can't be carried very far, so it is wise to have the saw horses ready to hold the bed before removing it from the truck

Step 2

Raise the rear of the truck with a jack. Place a jack stand under each side of the bed so that the frame rests on the stands. This holds the truck up, but won't bother the bed.

Step 3

Locate and remove the bolts underneath the bed at each corner. The front of the bed should have two large bolts and nuts to remove. The rear corners should have one or two large bolts and nuts to remove.

Step 4

Locate the wiring for the taillights underneath the rear of the bed and unplug all of the light wiring. Open the gas cap, and remove the small bolts and nuts so that the neck of the gas tank is no longer connected to the bed.

Step 5

Lower the truck back to the ground. Place a person near each corner of the bed and have them lift straight up and off of the truck. Move the bed to the saw horses. Replace the gas cap on the gas tank.

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