How to Remove a Tailgate

by J. Williams
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Jona/Wikimedia Commons

Many truck owners often need to remove their tailgate. Sometimes this is because they are moving or transporting something large, or it might need repair. While the idea of removing the tailgate on a truck might seem daunting, it is actually quite easy. Tailgates are not well secured, creating a removal process that only requires careful, simple lifting.

Step 1

Put on the gloves. This will protect your hands from any rough spots on the tailgate that may cut you. It will also help you get a better grip.

Step 2

Lift the tailgate latch. Open the tailgate so that it is flat.

Step 3

Unhook any cables that are attached. Many tailgates do not have cables. However, depending on make and model, cables may be present.

Step 4

Grab the tailgate with both hands. Your hands should be spaced far enough apart that you can support both ends of the tailgate, yet be able to keep a good grip.

Step 5

Lift the tailgate up and towards you at an angle. If it does not come up easily, try standing at an angle while you lift. Some models also require that you lift and slide the tailgate towards one of the pivot points.

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