How to Add Weight to a Truck Bed for Traction

by Kayar Sprang
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According to the Economist, "Americans like their trucks." (See References 1) Pick-up trucks are a common sight across the highways and byways that crisscross the U.S. When it comes to safety, there are pros and cons with driving trucks. Because of their height, they usually fare better in collisions with cars. However, pick-up trucks take longer to stop because of their size and build. When it comes to driving a two-wheel drive pick-up in winter weather, fishtailing can be a problem.

Step 1

Place a few sandbags in the bed directly over the rear axle of the pick-up truck. (See References 2). Note that if the weight is incorrectly placed behind the axle, it will lighten the front end and make traction worse instead of better.

Step 2

Take the truck for a test-drive. Pay attention to how the truck handles and decide whether it now has enough weight in the bed for decent traction.

Step 3

Add more sandbags to the truck bed if needed. Consult the truck's owner's manual to find out how much weight you can use without affecting how it handles on the road. An improvement in the traction should be noticed long before you reach the standard allowed weight.

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