How to Remove the Front Bumper on a Dodge Pickup

by Carl Pruit

If you want to change the front bumper of your Dodge pickup or customize your truck, you will need to remove the existing bumper. The Dodge pickup front bumper is fairly simple to remove, as it's held on with a few bolts. Taking off the original front bumper is a job you can do yourself in less than half an hour, saving you time and money.

Step 1

Disconnect the electrical wiring for the fog lights by hand before you attempt to remove the bumper.

Step 2

Locate the mounting bolts behind the front bumper on the truck frame that hold it in place. There will be four bolts on each end.

Step 3

Unfasten the mounting bolts of the front bumper with a socket wrench. Support the bumper, or have someone there to help when the bumper comes loose.

Step 4

Remove the bumper from the truck by hand, and set it out of the way.

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