How to Replace a Ranger Valance

by Kevin Mclain

The valance on a Ford ranger is the plastic cover that surrounds the front bumper. The purpose of the valance is to protect the front bumper and to give the bumper a more stylish look. The main reason for replacing a front bumper valance is because it is damaged or has excessive scratches on the plastic. The valance itself is secured to the front bumper by a series of plastic clips. The plastic clips must be removed in order to replace the old valance.

Park the Ford Ranger on a level surface and shut the engine off. Set the parking brake.

Slide under the front bumper and locate the series of plastic clips that secure the valance to the backside of the bumper. Insert the flat tip of a flathead screwdriver into each clip and pry it out of the bumper.

Move to the front side of the bumper and pull the valance straight off of the bumper. Place the old valance to the side of the truck.

Ask a helper push the new plastic valance onto the front bumper. Slide back under the bumper and install each of the new plastic clips to the backside of the bumper. Use the screwdriver or pliers if needed to install the new clips to the bumper. The clips will secure the new valance to the bumper.


  • check The new valance will come with new plastic clips to use to secure it to the bumper.


  • close Ensure that the Ranger is on a flat surface with the parking brake set to prevent the truck from rolling while you are under it.

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