How to Take Off a Car Bumper

by Jenny Carver

Knowing how to take off a car bumper can be useful for a few reasons. Many car bumpers have scratches, cracked paint, lines in the paint or smudges that need to be repainted. Removing the bumper makes painting and repairing easier. Installing aftermarket bumpers also calls for knowing how to take off a car bumper. Learn how to take off a car bumper and save money on labor that the body shop would normally charge you for.

Front Bumper

Step 1

Open the hood of your car. Most car bumpers have bolts or screws that can be accessed from under the hood. The top of the bumper has a row of screws along the front center of the car, right where the hood closes. Remove these screws.

Step 2

Look under the edge of the front of the car at the end of the bumper. There should be plastic or metal screws holding a plastic shield to the bumper. Remove these and the plastic shield. Do the same on the other side of the bumper and along the entire edge of the front bumper.

Pull the plastic shield down out of the way if it doesn't come off completely. Reach behind the bumper at each corner and you should find a bolt holding the corner of the bumper to the car. Remove these bolts. The bumper should come off.

Rear Bumper

Step 1

Look under the bumper at the rear of the car and locate the row of small screws along the edge of the bumper. Remove these screws.

Step 2

Locate the bolts at the corner of each bumper and remove them. The bolts are on the back side of the bumper near the top.

Open the trunk to find any remaining screws or bolts holding the bumper onto the car. Most of the screws are located on the outside, but the trunk may need to be opened to reach them.

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