How to Remove the Plastic Bumpers on a Dodge Caravan

by Jenny Carver

The Dodge Caravan has a plastic bumper on both the front and rear end of the minivan. In case these bumpers are damaged beyond simple repairs, they need to be removed for replacement. The front plastic bumper can be removed in under an hour and the rear plastic bumper can be removed in about 30 minutes or less, depending on your mechanical experience. Both bumpers require only a few common tools for the entire removal process.

Front Bumper

Step 1

Remove the row of screws from the rear edge of the front bumper, just in front of the front tire. Once removed, push the inner fender splash guard out of the way.

Step 2

Reach behind the front bumper where the bumper and fender meet which is near the front headlight. On the back side of the bumper there are three bolts that need to be removed using a ratchet and 12mm socket.

Step 3

Look at the bottom of the front bumper. On older models, there is a row of screws to be removed from the underside of the bumper. On new models, there are no screws. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove them if they are present.

Step 4

Open the hood and remove the screws from behind the grill. Once the grill is off, use a ratchet and 10mm socket to remove the bolts from the top of the front bumper. Pull the bumper off of the Caravan.

Rear Bumper

Step 1

Remove the row of screws on the front edge of the rear bumper, just behind the rear tire. Push the black plastic liner out of the way once these screws are removed.

Step 2

Get underneath the rear bumper and remove the row of 10mm bolts along the bottom edge. Use a ratchet and 10mm socket for this.

Step 3

Open the back door and use the flat screwdriver to pry the plastic clips out of the top of the bumper. The plastic clips are rounded and pop up with gentle prying. Pull these out of the holes and pull the bumper off of the Caravan.

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