How to Replace a Passat Antenna Base

by Ilana Boyum
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The Volkswagen Passat comes equipped with a mast-style antenna that is attached to the rear end of the roof of the car. Short, thick and black, these antennas do not have a lot of flexibility. Over time, this rigidity may cause the antenna to snap; additionally, in certain circumstances, the base that the antenna screws into may develop a crack. Replacing the antenna mount can be a bit tricky, but with the help of another person, it can be accomplished at home.

Removing the Old Base

Step 1

Remove the antenna by firmly grabbing the mast at the base and turning it counterclockwise.

Step 2

Locate the plastic rings along the base of the rear headrests, and find a button. Depress the button while pulling up on the headrests--pull them upwards until the posts are released from the seat.

Step 3

Grasp and pull forward the seat handle located in the center of the rear seat bottom; this will cause the seat to swivel up and out. Fold the seat bottom snugly against the back of the front seats. Unlatch the seat locks located in the left and right corners of the top of the seat back, then fold down the seat backs.

Step 4

Enter the rear of the car and gently pull back the headliner from the plastic lip that secures it in place against the rear windshield, then fold it back.

Step 5

Use the wrench to remove the bolt from the bottom of the mounting base.

Step 6

Pull back the foam strip that is taped to the inside of the roof of the car, until you can see the wire that runs from the base to the car stereo. Firmly grasp the wire and detach it from the connector.

Remove the old mounting base from the car.

Installing the New Base

Step 1

Ask your assistant to carefully hold the top side of the new base in place on the roof of the car, then ask the assistant to feed the wire down, through the base.

Step 2

Replace the bolt by tightening it with the wrench while your assistant continues to hold the base in place.

Step 3

Reconnect the stereo wire and carefully put the foam strip back into place.

Step 4

Fold the headliner back into place and slide the edge under the plastic lip.

Replace the mast antenna into the new base by carefully turning it clockwise.

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