How to Replace the Velcro on My Truxedo Cover

by Laure Justice

Truxedo's soft roll-up tonneau cover is designed to hide a truck bed's contents with low-profile styling. When the Velcro starts to wear out, however, the tonneau cover can sag because it loses tension control. Make sure you get heavy-duty replacement Velcro, because lighter hook-and-loop tape will not stand up to the stress and weight of the tonneau cover. You will also need a heavy-duty or industrial sewing machine to sew the Velcro to the heavy vinyl.

Step 1

Open the truck's tailgate. Pull the rear release toggle; then remove the Truxedo cover from the frame by rolling it up.

Step 2

Spread out the vinyl tonneau cover. Use the tape measure to measure the existing Velcro all the way around the cover.

Step 3

Cut every third stitch holding the original Velcro on the Truxedo cover, using the tip of the razor knife's blade. Cut the threads holding each piece of Velcro.

Step 4

Peel the Velcro off of the cover, and use your fingertips to pick out the bits of thread left behind.

Step 5

Cut the new Velcro to the same length as each piece of the old Velcro. Place the old Velcro against the new and cut the end, using the scissors.

Step 6

Put the UV protected thread on the sewing machine, and set the sewing to make a long stitch.

Step 7

Position the Velcro where the original Velcro was seated; and sew 1/16 inch from the tape's edge, all the way around each piece of the new Velcro.

Step 8

Flip the cover over, so it is right side up. Look at the stitching to see if the original holes are exposed or if the new stitching covers them. If the holes are visible, you will not be able to get rid of them so you will have to hide them. Run the right-side-up cover back through the sewing machine, making a second line of stitching to hide the holes.

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