How to Install Steering Wheel Covers

by Travis Aitch
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Steering wheel covers are just one of many do-it-yourself aftermarket upgrades you can install on your car. A steering wheel cover protects your steering wheel from where and can improve the grip on the wheel. Covers come in a variety of designs and can be a stylish added feature to the interior of your vehicle. Steering wheel covers are sold at most major auto parts stores and require no tools or special expertise to install.

Step 1

Wipe down the steering wheel thoroughly with a vinyl cleaner. Neglecting to clean the steering wheel first could result in mold and bacteria growing underneath the cover over time.

Step 2

Strip the steering wheel cover of any tie-downs or wraps. Sit in your driver's seat and align the cover with the steering wheel. Begin wrapping it around the wheel by pushing the cut around the inside curve of the cover over the wheel. Start at the top.

Step 3

Hold the cover with one hand and work it around the top of the wheel a little bit at a time, switching sides every few inches. Continue pushing the cover over the steering wheel until the top half is complete.

Step 4

Carefully proceed to wrap the cover around the bottom half of the wheel. Keep one hand on the finished portion to prevent it from slipping off as the cover continues to get more difficult to wrap around the last part of the steering wheel.

Step 5

Once you have the majority of the steering wheel cover wrapped, you will need to use some force to stretch the last portion of the cover over the wheel. Be careful not to accidentally pull the rest of the cover off during this part of the process. Secure the top half of the cover with one hand and pull down with the other as far as you can until you are able to slip it over the steering wheel.

Step 6

Use both hands to work the cover on the steering wheel so that it appears even and symmetrical.

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