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How to Remove Car Wheel Covers

by Elton Dunn

Car wheel covers allow you to give some character to your wheels. They come in plastic or metal finish, and they clip over your existing hubcap. If you want to clean the wheel cover, change to a new style or remove a broken cover, you'll need to remove the cover from your wheel. This is not challenging since they clip on. Prying the covers off the car wheel takes manual dexterity but very little brawn.

Bend or kneel beside one of your car wheels to begin.

Slip a flat-head screwdriver underneath the wheel cover. Push the screwdriver forward to loosen the wheel cover. Don't force it if it does not want to come up; you can break plastic wheel covers or bend metal ones.

Move the screwdriver to another area on the wheel cover. Again push the screwdriver under the wheel cover and pry it forward. Repeat this process at several places along the cover to loosen it from your wheel.

Grab the cover when it begins falling off the wheel.

Repeat this process on each wheel to remove all of the covers.

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