How to Unlock a Tire Wheel Lock

by Keith Dooley
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Custom wheels can really spice up the appearance of a car, truck or sport utility vehicle. Commonly available in a wide range of designs from both the manufacturer as well as after-market sources, wheels can range in cost from a few hundred dollars to well over one thousand dollars each. To help prevent theft, wheels are often secured with the aid of tire wheel locks. However, these locks need to be removed before a wheel can be taken off the car when changing a tire.

Step 1

Park the vehicle on a level surface and set the parking brake to prevent rolling or excessive movement while working on the wheel.

Step 2

Locate the wheel lock key inside the vehicle or in the trunk. Wheel locks installed at the factory often have the key stored in the glove compartment, the trunk or in a storage compartment in the rear of sport utility vehicles.

Step 3

Position the wheel lock key on the wheel lock. Match the recessed lock pattern on the wheel lock to the raised pattern on the wheel lock key. Hold the key in place on the wheel lock with your hand.

Step 4

Slide the end of the lug wrench over the hex-shaped end of the wheel lock key. Push the end of the lug wrench securely onto the key.

Step 5

Apply forward pressure to the lug wrench to hold the key in place on the lock. Pull the wrench to the left or counter-clockwise to break the lock free. Continue turning the lock to loosen and remove.

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