How to Remove the Spare Tire from a Highlander

by Robert Good

The spare tire on a Toyota highlander is on the bottom of the frame behind the rear bumper. The spare tire is secured to the frame of the Highlander by a lock behind the rear bumper, a metal rod running through the center of the rim and a nut securing the tire to the rod. In the trunk is a compartment with the key to the lock and a wrench to remove the nut from the rod.

Step 1

Open the trunk and remove the plastic panel from the side. Remove the metal rod that looks like a large Allen wrench; this is the key. Remove the tire tool with the wrench on the end.

Step 2

Inset the key in the small hole on the left side of the bumper next to the license. Turn the key to the right until you hear a pop. Remove the key.

Step 3

Place the nut on the end of the rod in the center of the wrench. Turn the wrench to the left until the nut comes off the rod. Pull the spare tire from the frame.

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