How to Access the Spare Tire on a RAV4

by Cristina Garcia

Spare tires are often stored in the trunk of a vehicle. However, the Toyota RAV4 spare tire is rear-mounted on all models except on the Sport models, which are equipped with run-flat tires. In the RAV4, the spare tire is typically protected by a cover to safeguard it from the elements.Two types of covers can be found on the RAV4: a full-size spare tire cover or a half-size spare tire cover.

Cover Removal

Park the vehicle on a level surface and turn off its ignition. Unhook the latch handle located under the full-size spare tire's cover. Grasp the tire cover on either side of the latch handle base. Pull the cover up.

Remove a half-size spare tire cover with the wheel-nut wrench. Place the wrench under the center cover and pry it off, which will uncover a bolt. Place the wrench on the bolt and loosen it by turning the wrench counterclockwise. Remove the bolt.

Pull the tire cover off to remove it.

Spare Tire Removal

Use the wheel nut wrench to remove the tire.

Loosen one of the spare wheel nuts with the wheel-nut wrench, turning it counterclockwise. Loosen the remaining wheel nuts with the wheel-nut wrench.

Remove the spare wheel nuts and place them somewhere safe as you will need them later to fasten the damaged tire.

Pull off the spare tire.


  • Remove the cover occasionally to clean the spare tire. Dust and rain water can leak in and damage your spare tire.


  • Do not attempt to access the spare tire while the car is stopped on a steep hill.

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