How to Replace the Starter Relay on a Ford

by John Rose

Replacing the starter relay on your Ford is a fix that will take about five minutes. The relay may vary slightly in design and color, but they all do the same thing. They regulate the current that makes it to the solenoid on the vehicle which, in turn, activates the starter. The relay plugs into the vehicle in a box located inside the engine compartment, typically on the passenger's side on the inner fender well.

Pop the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal by loosening the nut with a wrench.

Locate the starter relay. The relay box is on the fender well on the passenger's side.

Unclip the lid on the relay box and remove it. Each relay is clearly marked. Pull the one for the starter out by grasping it tightly and pulling it straight up.

Plug the new relay into place. Press on it firmly so that it seats itself flush in the box. Replace the cover on the relay box then reconnect the negative battery terminal, tightening the nut with the wrench.

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