How to Disable Passenger Airbags

by Katebo
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You can disable the passenger airbags in your vehicle right from your home driveway, and it requires no special tools. Many vehicles come equipped with a key switch that allow you to disable the passenger's airbag but not the driver's side airbag. To disengage all airbags, you can remove the airbag system fuse.

Step 1

Turn the key in the ignition to the "Off" position and put the vehicle in park. Apply the parking brake and pop open the hood.

Step 2

Find the fuse block mounted on the right side of the engine compartment as you are facing the vehicle, right next to the driver's side fender.

Step 3

Remove the cover off of the fuse block and examine the diagram on its underside. Find where the airbag system fuse is located.

Step 4

Remove the airbag fuse by pulling it with your fingers from the fuse block.

Step 5

Turn on the ignition and check that the SRS light is illuminated on the instrument panel. If it is, the airbags have been successfully disabled.

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