How to Re-Cover a Sun Visor

by Austin Cross
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Sun visors are very useful in that they shield us from bothersome and harmful sunlight. On older cars, the constant sunshine may cause your visor material to become brittle or change colors. In order to maintain a neat appearance in your car, it may be helpful to re-cover your visor. The visor cover will slide over your visor like a mitten and give you something pleasant to look at for many years to come.

Step 1

Unscrew the visor from the roof of your car.

Step 2

Trace your visor against the inside of the fabric. Do this on two separate pieces of fabric. The inside will not be exposed once your visor is covered.

Step 3

Trace 1/2-inch around your previous tracing. There should be two traces now, one slightly bigger than the other. Do this twice.

Step 4

Cut along the line that you traced that is furthest out.

Step 5

Sew these two shapes together, keeping their outside facing in. You can use a chain stitch or any other stitch you prefer on your sewing machine.

Step 6

Turn the cover inside out.

Step 7

Slide the cover over your visor.

Step 8

Locate where the mirror is.

Step 9

Gently trace the outline of the mirror.

Step 10

Trace 1/2-inch away from your previous trace, inside the mirror rectangle.

Step 11

Cut the innermost trace. Also cut a slit in each corner that ends at the outermost trace.

Step 12

Fold these flaps in and sew them.

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