How to Fix a Nissan Murano Sun Visor That Won't Stay Up

by Rex Molder
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Anyone who owns a Nissan Murano quickly discovers that the sun visors are prone to failure. The visor quickly becomes loose and will not remain in the up position. Though in most cases this is merely an inconvenience, it can also be a safety hazard. There is no way to simply tighten the visor, so you must replace it. A replacement visor costs around $300, or you can find a used visor, but it will likely have the same problem. Instead a simple do-it-yourself repair can solve the problem for a few dollars.

Cheap Fix

Step 1

Ensure the sun visor is clean. Use a cloth soaked with alcohol to clean the surface of the visor. Let the visor dry.

Step 2

Select a location on the visor where you can install hook-and-loop strips. A good location is along each side of the visor, or along the bottom of the visor.

Step 3

Cut the hook-and-loop pieces. A couple of inches will be plenty to hold the visor in place.

Step 4

Apply a coating of contact adhesive to the back of the hook-and-loop strips. You don't want to use hook-and-loop strips with self-adhesive backing because it may not stay attached to the fabric headliner. You must use something stronger like brush-on adhesive.

Step 5

Attach the hook-and-loop strip to the visor and press firmly for several seconds. Wait about 1/2 hour for the adhesive to dry.

Step 6

Attach the opposite piece of hook-and-loop strip to the piece glued to the visor. Apply adhesive to the back of this piece and raise the visor to stick the hook-and-loop strip to the headliner. Doing it this way ensures the pieces align properly. Hold the visor in place for a minute or two. After a couple of hours, you should be able to put the visor down, leaving one piece of hook-and-loop strip attached to the headliner.

Expensive Fix

Step 1

Use a small, flathead screwdriver to pry off the plastic cover where the visor attaches to the roof. It should pop-off easily.

Step 2

Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws that attach the visor.

Step 3

Place the new visor in place and replace the screws. Tighten them well, but be careful not to strip them.

Step 4

Snap the plastic cover back into place. This should fix the problem for a while, but due to the inherent flaw in the visor design, the problem will likely return eventually.

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