How to Install Evenflo Car Seats

by James Clark

Evenflo car seats are designed to transport infants as safely as possible in a vehicle. The Evenflo car seats are designed in two parts -- a base unit that secures to the back seat of your car with webbed straps and the vehicle's seat belts, and a padded seat with a criss-cross locking safety harness to secure the child. This design allows you to unlock the Evenflo seat and carry your baby with you without removing the child from the seat. The base unit stays in the car and the seat snaps into it securely when it's time to go.

Step 1

Unlock the Evenflo car seat from the base unit by raising the wide, red lever on the back of the car seat and tipping the seat forward to disengage it from the base unit.

Step 2

Place the base unit in the center of the back seat of your car so that the Evenflo seat will face toward the rear window when locked in place. This is vital. The Evenflo car seat must be installed so that baby is facing the rear of the car. The base unit has a wide, upward curved tongue on one side for aligning the Evenflo seat. It is this upward curved tongue which should be placed against the back seat of your car.

Step 3

Reach between the seat and backrest of your car in the center seat until you feel two steel U shaped bars. These are the latch anchors.

Step 4

Locate two webbed belts on either side of the base unit. Each will have a steel clip attached to the end, with an adjustment sleeve attached to the side of the base unit to lengthen or shorten the belts.

Step 5

Connect the 2 metal spring clips on the Evenflo base unit to the latch anchors between the back seat and back rest.

Step 6

Tighten the web belts attached to the base unit and the clamps in your car seat by pressing down on the gray buttons on either side of the base unit where the webbed belts slide through, then pull up on the free end of the web belts. This will hold the base unit in place on the back seat.

Step 7

Pull out the center safety belt in the rear seat of your car and thread the belt through the two open loops on the top of the base unit.

Step 8

Lock the seatbelt in its belt buckle and make sure you hear a click indicating the belt is secure.

Step 9

Release the seat belt so that it retracts.

Step 10

Press down on the Evenflo base unit to eliminate any additional slack in the seat belt, which will continue to retract until it is tight.

Step 11

Install the metal H-shaped clip that comes with your Evenflo car seat on the seat belt of your car. The clip should be installed on the belt right behind the first open loop of the base unit to prevent the car seat belt from loosening. The clip attaches by slipping one edge of the belt into on side of the clip, then slipping the other edge of the belt into the opposite side.

Step 12

Slide the clip along the seat belt until it rests firmly against the base unit.

Step 13

Place the Evenflo car seat facing rearward on top of the base unit.

Step 14

Align the groove on the car seat with the upward curved tongue on the base unit, then lower the car seat until it locks into place.

Step 15

Pull the car seat left to right and up and down. There should be minimal movement. Otherwise, you must re-tighten the straps on the base unit and adjust the car seatbelt to take up any slack.

Step 16

Detach the car seat from the base unit by lifting the wide red lever on the back of the car seat, tip it forward slightly and lift off.

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