How to Replace an Ignition Switch on a 2001 Ford Expedition

by Lee Sallings

The 2001 Ford Expedition's ignition switch supplies power to devices and circuits in the vehicle's electrical system. When the switch is turned to the "Run" position, contacts inside the switch complete circuits, and current flows through the switch. Several symptoms will occur as the switch contacts wear and are no longer able to complete the circuit. Replacement of the ignition switch is simplified in the Expedition by a modular-designed steering column that houses the ignition switch and key lock cylinder on the steering column behind the steering wheel.

Step 1

Turn the steering wheel in the straight-ahead position. Turn the ignition key to the "Lock" position and remove the key. Remove the 10-amp fuse in position 19 of the fuse block, which is located under the driver's side of the dash. Disconnect the negative battery cable using a 10 mm wrench. Wait at least 1 minute for the residual charge in the airbag system to dissipate. This will safely disable the airbags.

Step 2

Remove the lower driver's side trim panel located below the steering column near the driver's knees using a T-10 size Torx driver or 7 mm socket and ratchet. Unscrew the tilt steering wheel lever using an adjustable wrench. Remove the screws that connect the lower steering column trim to the steering column using a T-15 Torx driver. Unsnap the lower trim from the upper trim and lay the two trim pieces aside.

Step 3

Unbolt the electrical connector from the ignition switch using an 8 mm socket and ratchet. Unplug the electrical connector from the switch. Remove the two T-15 size Torx screws that attach the ignition switch to the steering column module and remove the switch.

Step 4

Install the new ignition switch onto the steering column. If the slot in the switch does not align with the key lock cylinder linkage, use a screwdriver to rotate the slot until it does. Reinstall the retaining screws and torque them to 53 inch-pounds using a torque wrench. Reinstall the electrical connector and trim panels in reverse order of disassembly.

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