How to Replace Bulbs on A/C Controls on a Toyota Camry

by Daniel Valladares

As with all bulbs on your Toyota Camry, the bulbs on the air conditioning (A/C) controls will eventually burn out over time. The bulbs light up the controls. If they burn out, it would make it difficult to operate them when it is dark. Replacing the A/C bulbs doesn't take any advance auto repair skills, just make sure to use 161-type bulbs.

Step 1

Pull out the clips from the dash trim around the radio. Three clips are on the left side and three are on the right side. If you cannot pull them out by hand, insert a slotted screwdriver into the dash trim and pry the clip out.

Step 2

Remove the four screws securing the dash trim to the Camry with a Phillips screwdriver. One screw is in each corner of the center trim. Pull the trim out of the vehicle.

Step 3

Remove the two securing screws from the radio, and slide it out. Disconnect the radio's electrical connector.

Step 4

Remove the two securing screws from the A/C controls, and slide them out. Disconnect the A/C controls' electrical connector.

Step 5

Pull off the lever controls for fan speed and temperature. Remove the two plastic tabs securing the A/C controls together. The bulbs are located on the underside of the front cover. Pull the bulbs out, and install the new bulbs. Reassemble the dash in reverse order of its removal.

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