How to Troubleshoot a Lexus With No Dashboard Lights

by Daniel Valladares

The dashboard lights on your Lexus vehicle are very important for your overall safety. Not only do they let you see the speedometer and fuel gauge, but there are several dash lights that serve as warning indicators whenever there is an issue with your vehicle. If your Lexus vehicle's dash lights are not working, there could be two possible issues: the dash light bulbs or the dash light fuse. Replacing either component is fairly straightforward and only requires a few tools.

Dash Light Bulbs

Step 1

Turn the Lexus vehicle's engine off and open the hood, securing it with the prop rod. Use a socket wrench to detach the negative terminal cable from the battery to prevent the possibility of electrical shock.

Step 2

Remove the two tabs on both sides of the instrument cluster with a slotted screwdriver to reveal two screws. Remove these screws with a cross-head screwdriver and remove the dash trim.

Step 3

Remove the securing screws from the instrument cluster. There is one screw in each corner. Pull the cluster towards you and reach behind it. Unplug the three electrical connectors and pull the cluster out of the vehicle.

Step 4

Remove the top cover of the instrument cluster and replace any burnt out bulbs. Pull the old bulb out of their socket and install a new bulb into the socket. Reassemble the cluster and reconnect the electrical connectors.

Step 5

Place the cluster back into the vehicle and reinstall the screws. Reattach the dash trim and reinstall the screws. Reconnect the battery and close the hood.

Dash Light Fuse

Step 1

Turn the Lexus vehicle's engine off and open the hood. Locate the fuse block at the rear right corner of the engine compartment.

Step 2

Remove the fuse-block cover. Locate the fuse labeled "INTERIOR." Remove the fuse from the fuse block.

Step 3

Install a new fuse in its place and reattach the cover to the fuse-block. Close the hood.

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