How to Change Instrument Panel Lights in a Dodge Caravan

by Daniel Valladares

The Dodge Caravan has several lights on its instrument cluster known as dash lights. These lights allow the driver to view the fuel gauge and speedometer as well as the many warning lights that come on whenever there is an issue with the Caravan. Replacing these lights involves access the instrument cluster itself and replacing the bulbs with new 194-type bulbs.

Step 1

Turn the Caravan's engine off and open the hood. Remove the negative terminal from the battery with a socket wrench in order to disconnect the battery.

Step 2

Remove the six screws securing the trim around the instrument cluster. There are two screws above the cluster and four screws below it. Once the screws are removed, the upper and lower dash trim panels can be removed from around the cluster.

Step 3

Position the steering wheel as low as it can go.

Step 4

Remove the corner screws from the Caravan's instrument cluster. There is one screw in each corner of the cluster. Pull the cluster away from the vehicle and reach behind it to unplug its wiring connector. Pull the instrument cluster out of the Caravan.

Step 5

Remove any burnt out bulbs by twisting them to the left and pulling them out of their sockets. Install new bulbs by pushing them into the sockets of the instrument cluster and twisting to the right in order to secure them.

Step 6

Reassemble the instrument panel and the dash trim panels. Reattach the battery's negative terminal. Close the hood.

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