How to Fix a Neon Gauge Cluster

by Daniel Valladares

If the gauge cluster on your Dodge Neon is experiencing problems, there could be three possible issues: the fuse has blown out and will need to be replaced, the connector is loose and will need to be connected, or the cluster itself is no longer functional and you will need to purchase a new one. In any case, the repair process is fairly simple and you should expect to only spend twenty minutes or so repairing your Neon's gauge cluster.

Step 1

Open the hood of the Neon and use a socket wrench to lift off the negative cable from the battery.

Step 2

Remove the covering panel from the fuse block and locate the cluster fuse in slot 13.

Step 3

Use the fuse puller to remove the cluster fuse and install a new fuse. If the instrument cluster is still malfunctioning, the problem may be with the wiring connector. Reattach the covering panel to the fuse block.

Step 4

Remove the five screws from the gauge cluster. There are three screws on the cluster itself and two on the dash cover panel above it. Remove the cover panel.

Step 5

Reach behind the gauge cluster and locate the wiring connectors. There are two wiring connectors. Connect the connectors to the gauge cluster. If the cluster is still malfunctioning, you may need to replace the cluster.

Step 6

Disconnect the two wiring connectors and pull the cluster out of the Neon. Install a replacement cluster and reconnect the two wiring connectors.

Step 7

Reinstall all five screws and the dash panel. Reconnect the negative terminal to the battery and close the hood.

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