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How to Replace 2005 Santa Fe Dash Lights

by Daniel Valladares

The dash lights on the 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe are part of the instrument cluster located within the dashboard on the driver's side. The lights on the instrument cluster, collectively known as the dash lights, allow the driver to see the cluster gauges in the dark. As these gauges are important for operating the Santa Fe, it is important to keep these lights in functional order at all times. Replacing on the Santa Fe's dash lights is fairly simple. All you have to do is remove six screws, pull out the dashboard, and replace the bulbs. The Santa Fe uses 194-type bulbs for its dash lights.

Turn off the Santa Fe's engine. Pull the hood-release lever and lift up the hood.

Remove the negative-terminal off of the Santa Fe's battery with a socket wrench.

Remove the cluster fascia panel from around the instrument cluster. There are two screws on the underside of the panel, above the instrument cluster. Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver and pull the panel off of the instrument cluster.

Remove the four screws holding in the instrument cluster with a Phillips screwdriver. There is one screw in each corner of the cluster.

Slide the cluster out of the Santa Fe. Once you have enough space to reach behind the cluster, disconnect the electrical connection from the back of the Santa Fe's instrument cluster. Pull the cluster out of the vehicle.

Pull out any burnt-out bulbs from the underside of the Santa Fe's instrument cluster. Install new bulbs by pushing them into the sockets until they click into place.

Place the instrument cluster back into the Santa Fe. Reconnect its electrical connection and reinstall the four screws. Reattach the dash panel and reinstall its two screws. Reconnect the battery.

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