How to Replace a License Plate Lamp on a Buick LeSabre

by Daniel Valladares

The license plate lamp on your Buick LeSabre will eventually burn out. When this occurs, or if the lamp is damaged in an accident, you will have to replace it. When someone refers to replacing the license plate lamp, what they're really referring to is replacing the bulb of the lamp. The LeSabre uses 168-type bulbs for its license plate lamp. The replacement procedure requires only a screwdriver to perform.

Turn off all of the exterior lights by switching the headlight switch to the "Off" position.

Remove the two lenses from the license plate lamps directly above the license plate, using a Phillips screwdriver to detach the screws.

Rotate the license plate light bulbs counterclockwise to remove them from the vehicle. Install the new bulbs by rotating them clockwise.

Reposition the two lenses and reattach the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.


  • Do not touch the glass of the replacement bulb. Doing so may damage the bulb.

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