How to Replace a Headlight in a 2001 Honda Civic

by William Pullman
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The 2001 Honda Civic uses a composite system headlight with a dual beam bulb. This means that when a headlight burns out you only need to replace the bulb instead of the entire headlight assembly. Unlike some cars which have a separate high beam and low beam headlight bulb, the 2001 Honda Civic only uses one bulb. Ensure your safety when driving in dark conditions by replacing the headlight bulbs in your Civic immediately after they burn out.

Step 1

Open the hood and examine the back of the headlight assembly on both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. When looking at the passenger side you will notice easy access to the electrical connector that powers the headlight bulb. The driver side headlight bulb is blocked by the power steering reservoir.

Step 2

Pull the power steering reservoir straight up out of the mounting bracket to create an access point to the back of the headlight assembly.

Step 3

Squeeze the left and right side of the electrical connector and pull straight out to remove it from the headlight bulb.

Step 4

Remove the weather protector ring that sits around the headlight bulb by pulling out by the tab on top of the ring.

Step 5

Move the wire holder that locks the headlight bulb into the headlight assembly down and to the side.

Step 6

Pull the old headlight bulb out of the headlight assembly.

Step 7

Insert the replacement headlight bulb into the headlight assembly and lock it in place with the wire holder.

Step 8

Install the weather protector ring and plug the electrical connector into the back of the headlight bulb. The locking tabs on the right and left side of the electrical connector will click when the connector is fully plugged into the bulb.

Step 9

Repeat Steps 3 through 9 for the other headlight bulb.

Step 10

Push the power steering fluid reservoir back into the mounting bracket on the driver's side of the Civic.

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