How to Replace a Ford Escape Headlight

by Jody L. Campbell

Replacing the new composite halogen headlights on a Ford Escape is not as easy as the old fashioned sealed beam units used to be. It's still an achievable task that you do not have to pay a mechanic to replace for you, however. Buying the replacement bulb(s) at a local auto parts store will save you money from the Ford dealership as well.

Step 1

Park the Ford Escape. Turn the lights are off, remove the keys from the ignition and release the hood latch.

Step 2

Locate the wire harness connected to the headlight at the back of the headlight assembly. If you're unfortunate enough to be replacing the driver's side headlight, you may want to remove the battery hold down and the battery itself to get it out of the way. Use the ratchet and socket set to remove the battery if necessary.

Step 3

Squeeze the lock tabs near the outlet of the wire harness where it plugs into the back of the headlight and separate the wire from the bulb.

Step 4

Remove the black rubber protective boot by pulling it off from the tabs.

Step 5

Locate the retainer ring holding the bulb in place to the headlight assembly. It has a lock tab on one side and a hinge screw on the other. Press the retainer ring inward to release it from the lock tab. Remove the bulb.

Step 6

Insert the new bulb without touching the glass bulb part. There are three different sized tabs on the plastic outlet part of the bulb that has to be aligned properly to insert it into the headlight assembly. Replace the the retainer ring.

Step 7

Replace the rubber boot protective cover and plug the wire harness back into the headlight socket.

Step 8

Replace the battery and battery hold-down if you removed them. Turn the lights on and check the headlight. Remove the tools and old headlight and shut the hood.

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