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How to Change a Tail Light on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Jody L. Campbell

Replacing the tail light in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is simple. You will need a special screwdriver to remove the screws to the tail light assembly, but you can find these fairly inexpensively. Replacing bulbs yourself will save money on labor charges from local repair stations.

How to Change a Tail Light on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lift the tailgate to the Grand Cherokee.

Locate and remove the two Torx head screws using the Torx head screwdriver. They are located on the tailgate doorframe in the side of the tail light assembly.

Remove the tail light assembly.

Squeeze the socket assembly panel release tabs to separate it from the from the tail light assembly.

Pull out the tail light from the socket that needs to be replaced. The top bulb is the brake lamp. The middle is the tail light and turn signal lamp. The bottom light is the back-up lamp.

Replace the bulb by pressing it into the socket. Turn the lights on to check the lamp before putting everything together.

Reinstall the socket assembly into the tail light assembly until the release tabs click to lock.

Reattach the light assembly and tighten the Torx head screws. Remove the screwdriver, old light bulb and close the tailgate.

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Jody L. Campbell spent over 15 years as both a manager and an under-car specialist in the automotive repair industry. Prior to that, he managed two different restaurants for over 15 years. Campbell began his professional writing career in 2004 with the publication of his first book.

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