How to Wire a BOSS Snowplow

by Patrick Nelson

BOSS snowplows are manufactured by Northern Star Industries and include quick mounting systems called SmartHitches. BOSS snow plows require power to operate the blade and lighting. Lighting is required because the plow’s blade usually obstructs the vehicle’s original equipment optics. You will need to wire the BOSS snowplow during its initial installation. The job can be done in a few straightforward steps.

Step 1

Turn the vehicle’s engine off and let the engine cool down. Disconnect the battery by loosening the cable bolts and lifting the wires off the battery.

Step 2

Disconnect the driver’s side headlight connector plug from the back of the headlight, then connect the blue sealed beam connector into the back of the headlight. Connect the black rubber connector from the wiring harness into the OEM wiring harness. This is the connecter you unplugged from the headlight.

Step 3

Remove the passenger side OEM wiring from the back of the headlight and connect its blue connector. Connect the black rubber connector as in the previous step.

Step 4

Connect the pink wire from the harness to the passenger side turn signal wire with the splice connector from the kit. Do the same with the violet wire to the driver’s side. The yellow wire goes to the driver’s side park light wire. Again, splice it in.

Step 5

Wire the internal cab wires by drilling a hole through the firewall with the drill and bit. Pull the two black wires, the black/red wire and the 9-pin Molex connector through the hole into the cab. Install a rubber grommet.

Step 6

Connect the two tab connectors to the headlight toggle switch, then plug the 9-pin Molex connector into the controller. Connect the black/red wire to the keyed 12 V power supply and the white/black wire to the small terminal on the pump solenoid. Connect the brown wire to the solenoid, using a different terminal.

Step 7

Attach the eyelet end of the red cable to the top of the solenoid and the battery cable to the same terminal. Attach the eyelet end of the black cable to the negative terminal on the battery. Connect the brown wire to that terminal as well. Connect the unattached end of the battery cable to the positive terminal on the battery, then connect the red fused wire to the positive battery terminal.

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