How to Reset a Keyless Remote for an Entourage

by Matthew Fortuna
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Most Hyundai vehicles are equipped with keyless entry capabilities, and the Entourage is no different. With your Hyundai vehicle, learn to set and reset the wireless remote in just minutes from your driver's seat. This programming process leaves your remote ready to use right away, and you can then set or reset the remote as often as necessary.

Step 1

Enter your car with your remote, ignition key and jumper wires, then locate the data port underneath your driver's side dashboard.

Step 2

Connect terminal 4 to terminal 7 in the data port using the jumper wires.

Step 3

Press and hold either the "Lock" or "Unlock" button on your remote until the remote's LED light flashes.

Step 4

Release the button after the flash to complete the programming process. Remove your jumper wires.

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