How to Replace a Honda Element Headlight Bulb

by Jody L. Campbell
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The headlight bulb in the Honda Element is a small halogen capsule retained inside the headlight assembly. The small glass bulbs are brighter and more durable than the old sealed-beam units. However, they use an internal gas and must be handled with care. Alkaline and oil in human skin can remove the protective coating on the glass bulb and create a heat spot. This will compromise the longevity of the bulb or render it useless from the start.

Step 1

Open the hood to the Honda Element.

Step 2

Turn the lights on and determine which bulb needs to be replaced. Shut the headlight off and then remove the keys from the ignition. Make sure that the headlight switch is not powered on during the replacement procedure.

Step 3

Remove the air intake chamber on the driver's side only if replacing that side. Use a slotted screwdriver to unseat the plastic clip and then wiggle the chamber off of the assembly. If you're replacing the passenger side bulb, then proceed to Step 4.

Step 4

Locate the wire harness plugged into the headlight bulb socket. Pull the harness away from the socket to disconnect it.

Step 5

Pull the protective rubber boot away from the back of the headlight assembly. Note that the two pull-tabs are on the top and bottom of the boot and that the two drain holes on the boot are positioned at the bottom.

Step 6

Press the headlight bulb retaining clip inward slightly, and then lift up on it slightly to disengage it from the retaining latch. Swing the clip outward and away from the bulb.

Step 7

Pull the spent bulb out of the back of the headlight assembly and discard.

Step 8

Put on latex gloves before handling the new bulb.

Step 9

Insert the new bulb in the back of the headlight assembly. The three-pronged socket of the bulb will only fit in one position. The single prong should be on top while the other two prongs will be on the bottom.

Step 10

Swing the retaining clip back over the back side of the bulb and reengage it in the retaining latch.

Step 11

Replace the protective boot, making sure to reposition it correctly. The drain holes should be on the bottom with one tab and another tab up on top of the boot.

Step 12

Plug the wire harness outlet back into the socket of the new bulb and then test the headlight to ensure that it works properly.

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