How to Replace the Fuses in a Mitsubishi Galant

by Kyle McBride
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Your 2012 Mitsubishi Galant has four fuse blocks: one behind the panel on the driver's end of the dashboard and three in the engine compartment in a row forward of the strut tower. The largest of the engine compartment blocks -- the one in the middle -- contains an electronic module that gets very hot. If the fuse you want to replace is in this block, wait for the module to cool down before you poke your fingers in there. In all cases, turn the ignition to the "Lock" position and turn off all accessories in your Galant before you open a fuse block.

Swapping Fuses

Pull off the cover on the driver's end of the dashboard and remove the fuse puller from inside the cover. Some of the fuses are nestled close together, making it hard to get your fingers between them to grasp the one you want. Use the puller to grasp and pull the fuse straight out of the block. There are spare 20A and 30A fuses inside the cover. If you need a spare fuse of a smaller amperage, you can swap fuses with fuses from non-essential systems until you can replace them. If you need a 7.5A fuse, swap the fuse for the door mirror heater in slot No. 19. For a 15A fuse, swap the fuse in slot No. 16 for the cigarette lighter. If you need a 10A fuse, swap the fuse in the large engine compartment fuse block slot No. 23 for the radio. Don't use the radio fuse in the dashboard block; it's a 30A fuse. Never swap out a fuse with one of higher amperage.

Fuse Links

Fuses in the two smaller engine compartment fuse blocks and some of the fuses in the large block are high-current fuse links rather than plug-in fuses. If one of these fuses blow, have it replaced at an authorized service center.

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