How to Replace the 2002 Ford Focus Radio Fuse

by Thomas West
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The Focus is a small, front-wheel drive car that was introduced by Ford Motor Co. as a 1998 model in Europe and a 2000 model in North America. Few changes were made in the first few production years, so the 2002 Focus is pretty much the same car as the original. The 2002 Focus was available with an AM-FM radio that could be ordered with a CD player or a combination of a cassette and CD player. Regardless of the factory radio installed, the fuse that powers the radio unit's electrical circuit is located in the passenger compartment fuse panel.

Step 1

Turn off the ignition key and the radio. Locate the fuse panel access cover on the lower part of the dashboard, under the steering wheel and above the brake pedal. Grasp the cover from the bottom and pull it straight out from the dashboard to release the retaining clips, then slide it downwards slightly. Remove the cover and place it aside.

Step 2

Note that the radio fuse is inserted into position 41 on the fuse panel -- this is the first fuse on the left of the second row, as you look up from the bottom of the fuse panel after removing the access cover.

Step 3

Squeeze the handles of a fuse puller together to open the jaws of the tool slightly. Push the jaws over the radio fuse and release the handles. Squeeze the jaws of the tool together so that the small tabs of the puller grab the upper plastic part of the fuse. Slide the tool straight out of the fuse panel, which will bring the fuse out with it.

Step 4

Slide a 7.5 amp fuse -- which is brown in color -- back into position 41 in the fuse panel until it is fully seated.

Step 5

Slide the upper tab of the fuse panel access cover into the slot on the upper side of the dashboard fuse panel opening. Push the lower part of the panel towards the dashboard until the retaining clips on each side of the panel engage with the slots on the sides of the opening.

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