How to Replace a Front Bumper

by Robert Good

The front bumper on a vehicle is the piece of the body just below the headlights. The bumper completes the body of the vehicle as well as protects the frame and radiator. Commonly the front bumper will be made of plastic, but it can be made from metal or fiberglass as well. The bumper will be secured to the frame of the vehicle by 10 to 15 bolts depending on the model.

Position the two ramps in front of the front wheels of the vehicle. Drive the two front wheel onto the ramps. Set the parking brake.

Slide under the the front bumper on your back so you are looking up at the rear of the front bumper. Remove the bolts along the upper edge of the bumper using the corresponding socket and ratchet.

Loosen the nut securing the tension rod on each side of the bumper using the corresponding socket and ratchet. Pull the bumper off the frame of the vehicle, and store it in a clean, dry place until re-installment.

Place the new bumper onto the frame, and line up the mounting hole on the bumper with the mounting holes on the frame. Insert the securing bolts into the mounting holes. Tighten the bolts, and reconnect the tension rod to the bumper. Tighten the tension rod.

Back the vehicle off the ramps.


  • check If the bumper is made of metal, it will be heavy, and you will need a friend to pull it off the frame.


  • close Removing a metal bumper by yourself can result in the bumper falling on you, causing serious injury.

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