Impala Bumper Cover Replacement Instructions

by Daniel Valladares

Replacing the bumper cover on your Chevrolet Impala is an incredibly easy task. The bumper cover is secured to the fender by two screws on each side of the cover. Once these screws are uninstalled, you can yank the cover off of the front of the car. The only tools required for the task are a slotted screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. Replacing the bumper cover should take no more than 20 minutes.

Step 1

Park the Impala on a level surface and engage the parking brake. Remove the keys from the vehicle's ignition.

Step 2

Crawl underneath the front of the vehicle and use a slotted screwdriver to pry off the splash shield in each wheel well directly in front of both front tires. Once the shields are removed, you can access the screws securing the bumper cover to the fender.

Step 3

Remove the two screws on each side of the bumper cover with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4

Remove the bumper cover from the front of the vehicle by pulling it up and off the Impala. You may need another person to help you remove the bumper cover. Install a new bumper cover by placing it onto the front of the Impala.

Step 5

Crawl underneath the Impala again and reinstall the two screws on each side of the bumper cover. Reattach the splash shields to the wheel wells.

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